Make Your Own Justin Tuck Facemask Pictures


Justin Tuck has long-had a beastly looking facemask. But this season, he decided to up the ante even more. With his neck injury last season, he had to face opponents grabbing his facemask and twisting in an attempt to do more damage to him. Not this year! Tuck will be protected this year by a combination Shredder/Hannibal Lecter mask:


Wow, he really set the bar high. Next year he may have to go to a retro suit of armor to make it any more impressive.

For fun, I decided to make a couple pictures of people with the facemask on. One would be an obvious choice of Hannibal Lecter, and the other is another obvious choice of Justin Bieber. It's only a matter of time before that kid turns into someone who needs a mask like that to protect the people around him.


Want to make your own? Just download the PNG file below, and put it on your favorite person. If you want, you can send your image to and if we like it, we may post it on the site.


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