MMA Fighter Overestimates His Chin


So you say you love watching over-arrogant, cocky, wanna-be MMA fighters get what is coming to them? Well, you're in luck. Look no further than the video below. This is why I love technology and social media. You have a fight that looks like it was held at a local YMCA by two meat-heads that probably do nothing but eat, sleep, and talk MMA hoping to be the next Frankie Edgar. (I know there are probably bigger names than him, but I only his because he went to my college). Personally, I'm old school and prefer boxing. I love the methodical beatings and strategy used by boxers like the Klitschko brothers.

Anyway, take a look at what happens when your head is too big and your jaw is too weak in the video below.

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Pat Dininny
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