Nick Novak Pees On The Sideline

If you guys haven't seen this, it's awesome. This was during the San Diego Chargers - Denver Broncos game yesterday. Nick Novak, the Chargers kicker for those who don't follow kickers, apparently needed to relieve himself and couldn't wait. Nice camera work, CBS! Also in this game, Tim Tebow peed on the Chargers playoff hopes by leading another fourth quarter drive for a tie and eventual overtime win. Nice work, Tebow.

In honor of the people in the world that like to go "Tebowing" we want to start a new sensation..."Peebowing". That's when you pee in random places with a friend holding a small towel to protect you from view. That's what good old Nick Novak did yesterday:

Nice one, Novak. So send us your pictures of Peebowing here (no real peeing people - just pretend like you are) and be sure to share this link with your friends so the craze can take off!

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