The Miami Marlins Have A Weird New Tradition

So with baseball season almost upon us and spring training in full effect, there are few greater things I can think of than the spring sun, sounds of bats and leather, and the roar of the crowds.

When the regualr season starts, each team will have its own traditions for home runs. Sometimes it's fireworks, sometimes flags, and sometimes even stupid mascot tricks. Yes, I'm talking to you Bernie Brewer. Don't go overboard going down a slide. Oh wait, you should go overboard since the commish is still busy covering up your MVP's steroid use, ya' know cause he "gave up ownership" to his family to run things.


Anyway, as Charlie detailed already in our season preview the Marlins became the Yankees of the south. Not only did they (on paper) buy a championship caliber team and get one of the better managers in the game, they are now the Miami Marlins and completely re-did their uniforms and HOLY &$#% are they bright folks.

They also are opening a brand new stadium, and I think I found out where they cut back on spending. Below is a video of what fans will be treated to each time a Marlin goes yard.

So who was the brave soul who ventured into the back of Liberace's basement to find this monstrosity?

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