The Pacers Could Become America’s Team


Basketball is a decidedly American sport. And right now if the Indiana Pacers beat the Miami Heat, they’ll become America’s Team.

I’m writing this while watching the Pacers play the Heat and I love all the story lines running through this series. The Pacers are like the essence of American blue collar, apple pie basketball. And right now they’re serving up heaps of humble pie to the Heat and their fan club. (Editor's Note: This was written before last night's bloddy game) The big three are decidedly un-American. If the Pacers are like eating apple pie with a little homespun vanilla ice cream on the side, the Heat are like consuming massive amounts of flaming baked Alaska with vodka at a disco party.

If the Pacers beat the Heat it’s good for basketball. It’s good in the way that eating your vegetables and doing your homework is good for you. It would prove that once again you can win with a team like the proverbial “Hoosiers.”

So let’s all grab some apple pie and and our favorite local beverage and hope that our American selections will pull those invisible superstitious sports strings that we all want to believe in toward a Pacers victory. And I promise that we’ll all feel more American for doing so.

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