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I don’t have cable. Why? Because I’m in law school and broke as a joke and also super, super lazy. Seriously, picking up the phone and calling Comcast to come out and install TV service seems like a lot of effort when I could just turn on the DVD player and watch whichever season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia my roommate and I have been watching for the past three weeks because we’re too lazy to walk six feet and change it.

Considering the Steelers aren’t in the Superbowl this year and I can pre-watch all the ads online, I didn’t watch the game at all. That would require me to walk to the end of the street, pull my bus pass out of my wallet and go the ½ mile from my apartment to the neighborhood sports bar. On top of the actual act of physical moving from the futon, I would have also had to put on pants that don’t say “PINK” on the butt and shoes that aren’t fur-lined boots. All of those things didn’t really fit with me being extraordinarily lazy on the one day I had off all week.

Instead, I “watched” Twitter and Facebook and decided to figure out what happened with the Super Bowl via social media. It’s sort of like playing "telephone", except with that intricate series of tubes and wires on the interwebs that Al Gore is convinced he invented. I realize that the actual act of watching Twitter and typing things was probably counter-intuitive to my laziness goal (and setting a goal was also against the laziness goal) but at least I didn’t have to get up to do it. That being said, here’s my recap of last night’s game; I still have no idea wtf happened:

6:30PM: Molly Sandberg via Facebook: The Superbowl hasn’t even started yet and I’ve already cried twice.

6:47PM: @Terr_Harr: Commercials good so far. #SuperBowl

6:50PM: @fudgecrumpet I don’t know what is happening. A man in a suit just looked surprised. #Superbowl.

6:51pm: @SklarBrothers: Is there anyone else that wants them to combine the Puppy Bowl with the Lingerie Bowl? #Superbowl

7:06pm: Rob Schobert via Facebook: This Superbowl sucks, I should have watched The Puppy Bowl instead.

7:08PM: @SklarBrothers: Giants are hitting harder than Chris Brown after a Good Morning America appearance. #superbowl.

7:47PM Samantha Flynn via Facebook: David Beckham. Oh. My. God.

7:49PM: @Phil_on_Film: I feel like this match is one of those dream levels in Inception. It takes about 5 minutes to play 30 seconds. #Superbowl.

8:46PM: Ray Abel via Facebook: Nothing says “World Peace” like Roman Gladiators. Poignant message Madonna.

10:50pm: Justin Smith via Facebook: There are few things in life that give me as much pleasure as watching Bill Belli-cheat cry.

12:01am: @hoffmanrobert: OMG Madonna won the Super Bowl!

2:42 am: @dbeltwrites: Number of chicken wings consumed during the super bowl? 1.25 million

In recap: Madonna won the Super Bowl with her Gladiators, Bill Belichick cried, and a man in a suit looked surprised. Thanks social media!

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