Man Gets Magnets In His Arm To Hold iPod


I love my Apple products, and I am never with out one. In fact, I'm still waiting on my new MacBook Ray "supposedly" ordered 3 months ago (Editor's Note: He's making that up).

Now meet the guy I affectionately dub "Magneto". This guy takes Apple love to a whole new level. He actually implanted magnets into his wrists to perfectly position and hold an iPod Nano without a wrist strap. Maybe I'm old, or just sane, but I don't get all this piercing and metal post implants people are getting these days. Especially when Apple will announce a new version in a couple of months. I guess he will just have to reposition.

Check out the image of the implants below. There's also a video, just make sure you don't have anyone around you who is afraid of blood while you watch it.


[Source - Gizmodo]

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