One Of Our Favorite Steve Jobs Videos


Since Steve Jobs passed away there have been thousands of tribute videos out there. You can edit together as many great clips of Steve as you want, but I don't think any will capture Steve Jobs as well as this video. In it, he's talking to the Cupertino City Council about his plans for expansion and the new Apple Campus. There are a few things that stand out here:

  • His business acumen. He talks about his summer job with William Hewlett as a young man, his vision for the future of Apple in Cupertino, and his way of re-defining something mundane that you see everyday such as an office building. That vision of re-definement is what he did with music players, PC's, and cell phones.
  • His wit and focus. As you watch this video, you can tell that the council members are tripping over themselves because they get a chance to talk to Steve Jobs. He alternately uses humor and sharp words to keep them focused on his presentation. At no point does he lose control or lose focus of his goal for the meeting.
  • His style. When asked what benefit the building would have for residents, he responded with "We’re the largest taxpayer in Cupertino, so we’d like to continue to stay here and pay taxes. If we can’t, we have to go some place like Mountain View." Take that, council woman!

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