Review: Monster iSport Super Slim Wireless Headphones

Review - Monster iSport Super Slim

We have been on a search for the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for a while now. It's difficult, right? Sometimes they don't fit well and fall out when you're running, often times they sound terrible, and other times they simply have a thick wire attached to giant boxes that more closely resemble a min-fridge than something that should be put in your ear.

We stumbled upon the iSport Super Slim headphones from Monster, and we were intrigued. Are they really super slim? Do they have monster sound? Will they work in the gym?

Read on to find out.

Review Overview

Monster iSport Super Slim - Setup

The first thing we noticed when we took the headphones out of the box was that they actually were slim. Most Bluetooth headphones we've used have been bulky and heavy, but these headphones seemed like they would be a welcome change of pace for our ears.

The headphones had a charge out of the box and were very easy to setup. The iPhone 6 we used as our pairing device worked immediately, and once it was connected an indicator appeared on the top right of our phone screen to show the remaining battery life for the headphones. Great touch! To pair, you simply turn the headphones on by pressing and holding the middle remote button. Then, hold the middle button for a few seconds until you hear an audio prompt to pair them with your device, and then look for “iSport Wireless Super Slim” on your device’s Bluetooth screen and connect. Easy.

The Super Slims have a three button remote with volume controls as well as pause, play, skip, and pair controls. Those controls worked well with our test phone, and we even carried on a nice conversation with Siri. The battery is rated for five hours, and we were able to consistently get 4-5 hours out of each charge.

Monster iSport Superslim In The Box


We loved the sound on these headphones. Full disclosure: if you're an audiophile that thinks you know more than the common person about music, then you may find yourself making up excuses as to why these do not sound as good as your normal wired headphones. The truth is that all Bluetooth headphones use compression when moving the audio from your device to the earbuds, but the reality is that most people won't notice the difference. These were the best sounding Bluetooth headphones we've used, and they come very close in sound quality to the wired Bose IE3 headphones that I was using at the gym until I received the Super Slims. We are very comfortable using these as our everyday headphones.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you use any headphones for a while before making your final judgment. Most headphones need a 20 hour burn-in period before the sound quality evens out.


The earbud covers also have fins attached which help them stay fitted into your ear. The earbuds themselves go in your ear canal, and the fins lock into the notch above your ear canal. After you figure out which set of fins and buds fit you properly, you shouldn't have a problem with the headphones falling out. We have used them during a 5K race, a normal workout routine at the gym, and even on the treadmill when we were trying to ignore the talkative person next to us who seemed to want to have a conversation with everyone in the gym about their new dog. Ugh.

Bonus Tip: Don't talk to people with headphones on at the gym. If we wanted to talk we wouldn't have put the headphones on in the first place.

What's In The Box?

  • Three sizes of earbud covers and fins
  • A micro USB charging cable
  • A mesh bag for storage

Review Pros and Cons


  • They actually are (super) slim, and you can even wear them under a helmet.
  • Great sound - especially after the break-in period.
  • Includes several different ear tips so you can adjust the fit
  • Comes with a carrying case, which is nice.
  • If you have an iPhone, the power level of the headphones shows up on your screen.
  • Good battery life.
  • Includes audio feedback for controls.


  • There is a weird cord management piece that sometimes makes the headphones lean to one side if not adjusted correctly.
  • Only comes in yellow, in case you want to match with your new blue Nikes.

Review Conclusion

So what's the verdict? These are the best wireless headphones we have ever used, and they are now our daily choice for the gym and running. Nice work, Monster.

If you're looking for a great set of wireless headphones that will work well with your phone and not skimp on sound quality, check out the Super Slims. They definitely get our seal of approval.

Purchase them here: iSport Super Slim

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