Tech Guru: Korea Mandates Internet Explorer...for Safety?

I love browsing the internet. You love browsing the internet. Yo momma loves browsing the internet. I like using Chrome. You might like using Safari. Yo momma probably uses Internet Explorer.

Regardless of what browser we use, the point I want to make is that we have a choice. We can use whatever browser we want. That's a good thing.

People across the United States were up in arms when New York City banned ridiculously-large sized sodas. Imagine what would have happened if the government told us “You must use Internet Explorer when doing any kind of online shopping”. What sort of government would that be? That would be a government like South Korea. Let me present to you this South Korean law:

Koreans can use other browsers for general surfing, but when they go to an eCommerce website, they'll get a message telling them they need to use Microsoft's IE. That poses even more problems for Apple users, for which IE isn't available.

This is mind boggling. If anything, the law should be the exact opposite of this since Internet Explorer is about the least secure browser out there. If you need me to explain more as to why this is one of the worst ever technology related laws, you should not be allowed to browse the internet yourselves.

As an FYI; The only reason North Korea hasn’t adopted this law is because the Internet hasn’t been invented there yet.


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Joes Jeff
Joes Jeff
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