Windows Phone 8 Specs Revealed


The next major version of Windows Phone is codenamed Apollo, so of course I needed to fit in a picture of Apollo Creed into the article. Both Creed and Carl Weathers are Bro Council, Approved.

As a former Windows Phone user, I'm still a big fan of the OS. The only reason I gave it up for my iPhone 4S was because of the camera, I actually like the OS better on Windows Phone. I just do a lot of video and photography with my phone so that's a huge consideration for me, in fact we use my 4S paired up with a Gorillapod as the secondary camera for Roommates.

Anyway, I love the Windows Phone software, and their next big update is coming TBD. So until we get a release date, you can just pretend it's by the end of this year and check out the specs for the OS. The website Pocketnow got a hold of a video with Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore talking about what's coming up in the next version. There's new screen resolutions, dual core cpu's, expandable memory, and more. Plus, the new kernel (basically the brain) of the OS will be based on Windows 8 as opposed to the old Windows CE that all other versions of Windows Phone have relied on up until now. What does that mean? It will be easier to port data and programs over from the PC side of things - AKA more apps.

Skype is also integrated, and the browser will use Microsoft servers to compress data before sending it to your phone. That means quicker loading times, and less data usage. Nice work Apollo Creed, you've really kicked those Windows people into gear. My prediction for the fight between Windows and Android? Pain! (And yes, I know Mr. T said that and not my man Apollo).

Here's a list of features:

  • Dual core support for processors
  • Support for four different resolutions - hopefully on par with the "retina screen" of the iPhone
  • NFC support added, including payment and content sharing with WP8 and Windows 8 machines
  • Carrier control and branding of "wallet" element is possible via SIM or phone hardware
  • MicroSD support added for expandable storage
  • Transitions to core components from desktop, including kernel, network stack, security components and media support
  • Simplified porting of desktop apps to mobile
  • Zune desktop integration scrapped in favor of new, unnamed syncing app
  • Deeper Skydrive integration, including ability to sync data such as music collections
  • Xbox Companion app will get Windows 8 partner client
  • Native code support, simplified porting from Android and iOS
  • App-to-app communication and integration
  • Skype client with deep OS hooks that will make it almost identical to placing standard voice calls
  • Camera app now supports "lenses" which allow third parties to skin and add features to camera interface
  • DataSmart tracks and reports usage via app and live tile
  • Gives preferential treatment to WiFi, can automatically connect to carrier-owned hotspots
  • Proxy server will compress websites in Internet Explorer 10 up to 30 percent
  • Native Bitlocker encryption
  • Support for proprietary, custom built apps to be deployed behind company firewalls

Nice work Microsoft. Keep it up, and feel free to send us some hardware to try out...we've already reviews one Windows Phone here.

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