Throwback Friday: Randall Cunningham Was A Beast

Throwback Friday: Randall Cunningham Was A Beast

Randall Cunningham was the first true dual-threat superstar in the NFL. And there have been other QB's who are as dangerous with their feet as with their arms, but in our opinion no one has topped Cunningham with his blend of speed, accuracy, and football smarts.

The Background

We had many highlights to pick from when we decided to make Cunningham the focus of Throwback Friday, but none encapsulates the QB as well as this pass to Fred Barnett during a 1990 game against the Buffalo Bills.

In the play, Cunningham was throwing from his end zone and was about to be sacked by one of the most feared defensive ends ever, Bruce Smith, from his blind side. Instead, Cunningham somehow managed to get away from Smith and launched a 60-yard pass to wide receiver Fred Barnett, who took the ball the rest of the way for a 95-yard touchdown. It was an amazing display of awareness, athleticism, and skill.

Cunningham once said "I don't know how I did the things I did" in reference to his on-field performances, and we agree. The man was a beast.

Where Is He Now?

After he retired, Cunningham finished his college degree in film at UNLV, has been involved in the Gospel music world, and has become an ordained minister. And we think he's probably next in line for the Browns if Johnny Manziel doesn't cut it.

Check out the play below.

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