A Real Life Simpsons "Whacking Day"

A Real Life Simpsons Whacking Day

One of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons is "Whacking Day". Whacking Day is the fictional holiday in the town of Springfield that the residents celebrate by embarking on a crusade to kill all the snakes in town. Florida officials are apparently fans of that episode as well, since they have just created their own Whacking Day in the Everglades.

For years now, Florida has had issues with irresponsible pet owners dumping Burmese Pythons into the Everglades. The pythons are not native to the area and reproduce at alarming rates. So, you add two and two together and you guessed it - the snakes have been wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. There have been many people volunteering their time to help control this problem, but it has finally got to a point where extreme measures need to be taken.

Welcome to the first ever real life whacking day (stop giggling)! The state of Florida will be offering the following prizes:

  1. $1,000 for the longest python.
  2. $1,500 for catching the most pythons.

Over 400 people have signed up already and any participant for this Saturday's hunt will not need a hunting license. The state game and wildlife commission is recommending that the snakes be killed by a shot gun blast or bullet to the head - apparently they're zombie snakes.

Let me break this down: anyone can sign up to win money for killing snakes, with a shotgun, and without a license.This is the most "Florida" thing ever! I want to know what the odds are in Vegas that this ends terribly.

Personally knowing some of the residents of Florida, they don't exactly have my confidence to pull this one off properly - but I am certain that it will be entertaining.

Your move, Florida!

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