Best Show On TV: Breaking Bad, Dexter, or Sons?

Sons of Anarchy vs. Breaking Bad vs. Dexter

This is worse than picking which of your kids you like the best, but guess what... someone has to do it and why not me. I may not be the official expert of television shows but I do have something that a lof of people don't have – a real forum for me to spit out my opinions and present them as FACT. So, here it is, the article that settles the question; What is the best show on Television?

Before I get started, here is the full disclosure on everything you should know about my experience with these shows.

  1. None of them have been watched as they premiered. This allows me to skip through commercials and entire weeks of suspense.
  2. Breaking Bad – I've watched through Season 4. This all goes down on Netflix so I'm as up-to-date as they are.
  3. Dexter – Began watching the series around this time last year. I am six full seasons in and have not watched any of the new season.
  4. Sons of Anarchy – Started this gem about 3 weeks ago. I'm 1/3 of the way through Season 3, but its effect on me has been so profound that I had to involve it in this matchup.
  5. I am currently watching SOA. I finished season 6 of Dexter in October. Finished season 4 of Breaking Bad in September.

I'll judge each show on the following criteria and apply a 1-3 ranking score; Writing, emotional connection, bad ass meter, acting, hook, and addiction level.


  • Breaking Bad (1)
    • I'm giving BB the slight edge here over SOA just because the writing is a little bit deeper. Breaking Bad also does the best job of these three of building its story line and progressing the show.
  • Sons of Anarchy (2)
    • Again, close call here with BB, this one could have gone either way. I will give SOA credit for incorporating so many different characters and elements.
  • Dexter (3)
    • Dexter is a fantastically entertaining show, no doubt about it. But, the story pretty much is the same every season. Focus on one other serial killer, throw in a little personal struggle, and overcome it at the end. Unlike BB, Dexter doesn't build storylines all that well.

Emotional Connection to Characters

  • Sons of Anarchy (1)
    • Remember the way you felt when Gary Berteir got in the car accident that paralyzed him in Remember the Titans? You might as well multiply that by 10 after you watch what happens to our former star LB in season one of SOA. Most dramatic thing I've seen since Jimmy Darmody (Boardwalk Empire) got iced. Jax Teller... 'nuff said.
  • Dexter (2)
    • It's hard to imagine yourself becoming attached to a serial killer, and then you watch Dexter and can't get enough of the guy. He's had such a profound impact on me that I've caught myself daydreaming about stalking the Pittsburgh night in a tight Henley and dropping bodies at the bottom of confluence. "The Three Rivers Butcher"
  • Breaking Bad (3)
    • Here's a question; Who do you love in Breaking Bad? Uh, no one... maybe Jesse a little. I could watch every character in this show get whacked and I wouldn't have any semblance of sympathy whatsoever. In fact, why couldn't those awesome writers that I mentioned above have just killed Skylar in the very first episode of this show, maybe taken Walt Jr. down with her, too?

Ryan Hurst

Bad Ass Meter

  • Sons of Anarchy (1)
    • SOA gets the edge because I find it more believable and there is way more killing than the other two shows. Maybe it's because I can see myself cruising the streets of small town California on a Harley much more than I can see myself cooking meth in my tighty whities – I'm a boxer brief kinda guy.
  • Breaking Bad (2)
    • Walt White and Jesse are definitely a dynamic duo and never short on having things go terribly, and awesomely wrong, however, there is just a little less action than SOA so I had to place them behind SAMCRO.
  • Dexter (3)
    • The only reason Dexter takes the hit in this category is because he just might be too smooth. Dex has perfected his craft so well that he runs into trouble a lot less than the characters of BB and SOA.

Jesse and Walt


  • Breaking Bad (1)
    • Bryan Cranston is the best actor of anyone in this entire group. His constant cough drove me crazy and was incredibly annoying but it was also realistic. I am going to dock them some points for cheating when it comes to Walt Jr. because he has cerebral palsy in real life, no acting required there.
  • Dexter (2)
    • I knew the acting was good in Dexter when I opened up People magazine (my girlfriend's of course) and was immediately repulsed at the sight of Dex and Deb dating in real life. It took me a second to remember these two are not actually brother and sister – technically not on the show either. That right there is the mark of some believable characters.
  • Sons of Anarchy (3)
    • The bar was pretty low here from the outset with SOA being an FX show and the amount of characters basically doomed them because there has to be some bad actors in the bunch.


  • Sons of Anarchy (1)
    • This entire show is a big cliff hanger. Every episode ends with that montage of music and characters that jacks you up for the next episode. Combine that with the fact that there are 8 different storylines happening at all times and you are constantly entertained and begging for another episode.
  • Dexter (2)
    • Ahem, Trinity Killer anyone? Yeah, pretty much the most addicting season of any show ever, period. Dexter is so entertaining that it's impossible to watch an episode and not want to get to the next one immediately.
  • Breaking Bad (3)
    • I know people that completed four seasons of BB in four days. So I'm not saying this show isn't ridiculously addicting, I'm just saying it isn't as addicting as the two ahead of it. I can specifically remember being bored during episodes of BB and I can't say that about the other two.

Dexter and Trinity

Best Show on Television?

It's real simple, add up the numbers of each category and divide by 5. You know what, I'll just do it for you. The race for top show on television was real close and here is how the list shakes out:


#2: Breaking Bad

#3: Dexter

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