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Today, instead of doing a full movie review, we are giving you a Box Set review. I have a number of box sets personally including True Blood and all of the Dexter series. My favorites have to be Band of the Brothers and Star Wars, which I may eventually get to on here once I have time to go through all 40+ hours of extras. This week though, it's all about The Game Of Thrones.

For those of you who have missed it, I'm sure you have at least heard about it. I was hooked from day one of the HBO series. It's the screen adaptation of George R.R. Martin's Fire and Ice Series and it's based in a fantasy world  of Westeros and the 7 kingdoms. It has everything you can imagine in this series, war, drama, sex, lies, deceit, and even some incest.

I wont break down the details here for you of the story there are far to many layers for that. During the series, much like the books, they speak of events that take place and shape the 7 kingdoms and house alliances as they stand. The extra features on the box set do a fantastic job of breaking down that old history of the Mad King, the rebellion, Ned Starks sister, the old and new gods, the nights watch, the battle of the trident, and Pyke. What really makes it great is that they break down all these events as story telling by having the actors telling their households point of view. I found that to be the best feature of them all. There is some repetitiveness in the other sections of the "lands" and "families" that is already covered in the "history and Lore" sections. That and a ridiculous language disclaimer that sits on your screen at the beginning of every disc before your main menu are why I can not give it a perfect rating. But I do give it 4 out of 5 Bro Council symbols.  If you have the ability to get the Blu-Ray, do so. Do not skimp on the DVD version of this set since the visual effects are brilliant, and the world that Mr. Martin has created in his books really comes to life.

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The set includes 5 discs containing all of the season one episodes and the special features below:

Making of
15 Character profile clips
Creating the Dothraki language
Inside the Night's Watch
From Book to Screen
Creating the Show Open
7 Audio Commentaries Guide to Westeros

Blu-ray Exclusive Features
Complete Guide to Westeros
In-Episode Guide
Anatomy of an Episode
Hidden Dragon Eggs

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