Ask A Woman: Does A Man's Money Matter?

Ask A Woman: Does A Man's Money Matter?

Why do girls like guys with money? Is it security or just the love of a lavish lifestyle?


EmilyEmily's Take: There are two types of woman that like a man with money. One type likes a man that shows off his money because it means that he'll spend lavish amounts of money on gifts for them. This relationship is usually more about obtaining status. This is not the type of woman that you want to date.

The second type of woman likes a man that has money because it shows that he is ambitious and financially responsible. He has a good job and can provide for himself while saving money for bigger things. He can afford to take her out to dinner or go on a vacation together – even if they split the costs. He knows the value of a dollar and doesn't squander it away on the next, greatest toy or shiny car. This relationship gives her a sense of security.

Both relationships can have genuine affection attached to them. Men and woman are a lot alike. Neither one wakes up thinking – I really can't wait to find someone that has no money, no job and no ambition. No one wants to date someone that's broke all the time and not looking for a better job.

Having money is a sign that you have a good job with a steady income. But as my parent's told me after my 10th birthday party and a nice round of birthday cards, having money doesn't mean that you have to spend it. I'd rather date a man that has good credit and money in the bank.

Good luck Chuck...and be sure to ask your own question to our panel of women here!

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