Ask A Woman: What Could Be Cooler Than Marrying G. Love?

Ask Rachel: What Could Be Cooler Than Marrying G. Love?

Dear Rachel,

I heard you want to marry g. love in the podcast. Why do you want to marry him. Is it the cool factor?

Quayum The Man

Dear Quayum,

When I read your email, I instantly Googled "meaning of names." The first 5 results did not have Quayum in the database. Finally, I found this wealth of name-meaning knowledge that informed me that you have, among other things, "an interest in the deeper aspects of life." This really put your question into perspective for me, as I was just sitting here thinking that my unrequited love for G. was, frankly, entirely uninteresting to anyone but myself. Thank you, Quayum, for affirming that my desire to marry G. Love is, in fact, an interesting and deep aspect of life.

Even though I knew you were interested, I've still had to wrestle with the fresh pain of rejection. So, thanks again Quayum. With your "deep, sensitive, refined nature" and "intelligent mind," you must have known that talking about it is probably the best way to repair my broken heart.

I feel much better.

Also, I have a brand new man in my life...and I can say, without a doubt, that next to this guy, all thoughts of G. simply float away.

Welcome To The World, JJ!

Yeah...holding my brand new nephew is way cooler than marrying G. Love.


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