Fake Batman Has A New Ride


A while back we detailed the story of a man in Maryland who was busted for driving his Lamborghini with no license plate while he was dressed as Batman. At first it was pretty funny, but it turned out that the driver, Lenny Robinson, was providing hospital visits to sick kids and we were impressed.

As we talked about in that article, Lenny spends his own money on toys for the kids, but now he's upgraded to a new custom Batmobile for them as well. Unfortunately it's not a fully functioning Tumbler, but it still looks like the one from the tv series from the 1960's. He had it specially designed by a British Columbia company called Unique Movie Cars and Props, and it includes a Bat-Radar Scope, a Batwing steering wheel, and plenty of other period pieces. He's been driving it across the country while stopping at children's hospitals along the way, spreading his superhero joy to sick kids.

Robinson is supporting his charity, Superheroes For Kids, with this trip in his "Anti Crime Roadster" (that's non-Batspeak for the vehicle so he doesn't get sued). "I'm just a regular guy trying to make a difference in the lives of sick children," Lenny said about his visits, "I became interested in Batman through my son Brandon, who was obsessed with Batman when he was little. Soon his obsession became my obsession. I began visiting Baltimore area hospitals in 2001. Once other hospitals and charities heard about my Bat Car (a Lamborghini) and my authentic Batman costume, I was soon doing two or three hospital and charity events a month."

The final cost for the new Batmobile, ahem, "Anti Crime Roadster"? Around $250,000.

Check out a couple more photos below of this awesome piece of machinery.



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