No More Double Decker Buses In London?


You may not know this but it's also election time in Jolly Old England, and this Thursday they are determining the mayor of London. The usual things like taxes and jobs are not the only things on the line. The historic and iconic double-decker buses are in danger of being dismissed, for the "bendy bus". The official Bro Council stance? Keep the double-deckers.

As you may know, is here at Bro Council we are huge fans of the British show "Top Gear". In fact, when I saw this story I immediately thought "Hey, they already tackled this issue back in Season 12". Yeah, I know my choice did not win out in the segment below, but here's to hoping the City of London keeps the double-deckers anyway. They are an icon of the city, and a huge attraction to tourists. When I finally make it to London someday, I want to be able to say I rode the double-deckers. Don't take my dream away London!

Check out the video from Top Gear below:

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