Fast Food Roundup: BK's Summer Menu


Burger King came out with their new summer menu today, and I decided to go try it out. You know, for our reader's sake only. I really wanted to try the Bacon Sundae we talked about earlier this week, but they didn't have them yet. I guess I could have just brought my own bacon to crumble on their vanilla sundae, but I didn't think it would be quite the same.

Anyway, without further ado, here is my illustrated BK Summer Menu story:


11:00 AM

Burger King is open for business, so I jump on the bike and head over. Why the bike? Because it's a beautiful day outside and I'm headed to get man-food, so I'm taking my man-cycle.



I arrive at Burger King and it's like Christmas morning when I was a kid. Inside these doors await the new Burger King Carolina BBQ Whopper. There is a sizable line of cars at the drive-thru, but luckily most people are too lazy to get out of their cars to eat so I only have two people in front of me in the line.


The man behind me in line compliments me on the matte finish of my motorcycle. I appreciate his words, but as he's talking to me the nice old lady behind the counter asks for my order. I stop talking to "matte finish man" in mid-sentence to place my order: a Carolina BBQ Whopper, sweet potato fries, and a bacon sundae.

The little old lady kindly tells me that they don't have the bacon sundaes yet. Foiled!

Oh well, I grab my receipt and I wait in line. Surprisingly, my order is out within a minute. Score!



I grab my meal and head to my seat. As soon as I sit down in a corner of the restaurant, I take the picture you see above. What you don't see in that picture is the other old lady in the restaurant that happens to be sitting by me. She gives me a crazy stare as I take pictures of my meal. I want to tell her why I'm taking them, but it's more fun to keep her guessing. Oh, and that soda is half Dr. Pepper and half Diet Coke - yeah, I'm healthy.


I take my first bite. The sandwich is good! The sauce is sweet and tasty, and also a weird color. I can look past the yellow haze of the sauce though since the flavor is right. The fries are actually pretty good. They taste like most sweet potato fries, but with an extra layer of salt. Take that, low blood pressure! The bacon is thick - and good.



The sandwich and fries are half gone. I find myself going back to them in alternating frequencies, which means I must like them both. The only thing I'm not focused on is the soda. At this moment I'm wishing that Burger King had Mt. Dew - I would have been crushing that.



The sandwich is done. The fries are gone. All that's left is a puddle of ketchup and half of my soda mix.

I used a total of three napkins, not bad. I thought it would require more cleanup than that.



I make casual conversation with the post-college aged granddaughter of the old women who was staring at me. I think about asking if her and her grandma want to take a ride on my bike, but then I realize that I forgot my extra helmet.

I leave the restaurant with a heavy aftertaste of onions. The burger was good, but the aftertaste is like I have an Awesome Blossom shoved in my cheek. Oh well, it was still worth it.

My verdict? The Burger King Carolina BBQ Whopper is Bro Council, Approved.

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