Turkey Fryer Public Service Announcement

Turkey Fryer PSA

About a month ago we started toying with the idea of frying a turkey for Bro Council article and doing a Bro Council version of fried turkducken was mentioned. We didn't end up doing it though because, well, Ray only knows how to make tequila meatballs, and frankly, deep frying can be dangerous. In fact, Thanksgiving day across the country has become a very busy one for rescue services because some yokel always thinks he knows what he is doing and doesn't need any directions when he breaks out his new turkey fryer. This is why things like this happen:

Fryer Fire

While researching some videos of said yokels setting fire to their property and ruining dinner, I came across this spectacular spectacle of public access television PSA's.

Take a look, and for Pete's sake people be careful, be smart, and be prepared if you are going to deep fry your bird this year. Check out the video below thanks to the Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services team:

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