Powerful Yogurt? Stop Falling For Scams

Powerful Yogurt? Stop Falling For Scams

What has the wide world of man been missing? Clearly, the first answer everyone thinks of is "yogurt" right? Wrong. I don't really know what makes the new brand of yogurt known as "Powerful Yogurt" only for men, any more than I understand what makes BIC Pens only for women. In fact, our very own Pat refuses to write in anything but pastel colored pens. It's weird, but so is he.

Bic Pens For Her Only.

But now, Powerful Yogurt comes along and claims to help men "Find Your Inner Abs," if it that's true, it sort of sounds like it should be called "Working Out." Powerful Yogurt comes in flavors like Blueberry-Acai, Mango, and Apple-Cinnamon; which are clearly way more manly than the store-brand crème brule flavors I eat; apparently I missed the secret disclaimer on mine that says "You Will Lose All Abdominal Function By Eating"

I looked at the nutritional data of my yogurt by comparison to Powerful Yogurt and realized something: it's exactly like every other yogurt I've ever eaten, except for some reason Powerful Yogurt's strawberry flavor claims to "increase sperm count," and mango claims to "increase sex drive." Those seem remarkable considering the ingredients are yogurt, berries, cornstarch lemon juice, stevia and sugar.

Clearly everyone in the world has been unknowingly increasing their sperm count and sex drive every time they take a bite of Light n' Fit, who knew?

Dannon Yogurt got sued a few years ago for saying that Activia was good for digestion, but somehow Powerful Yogurt will make every man a clear-skinned Adonis with a high libido and a high sperm count, and nobody seems to have noticed that this bro-gurt is completely ridiculous?

Please readers, save your money and put it towards something that can really help your life.


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Kristin Kipke
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