4 Questions: Drunk Bully Gets Knocked Out

4 Questions: Drunk Bully Gets Knocked Out

The SXSW (South By Southwest) is a music and film conference that is held every year in Austin, Texas. Most people go there to enjoy the festival, while some people go there to drink.

One guy made drinking the priority and then tried to enjoy being an idiot while picking fights with random people. The alcohol must have screwed with his ability to understand the concept of the festival.

Check out the video below, ask yourself four questions about the video, and then see if they match up with ours. Be careful if you're at work, there's some random NSFW language near the end.

Now that you've seen the video, you may have the same 4 questions that we have:

1. What form of karate is this?

Drunk Bully Question 1

2. Why is the guy who just got punked out while flashing peace signs kicking the bully when he's down while his girlfriend laughs and points?

Drunk Bully Question 2

3. Did the bully really just want a nap?

Drunk Bully Question 3

4. Would Karate Kid's John Kreese approve of being hauled away in a police golf cart?

Drunk Bully Question 4

Answer Key:

  1. Perez Hilton
  2. C
  3. Harrisburg
  4. No
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