5 Awesome Mustache Mugshots

5 Awesome Mustache Mugshots

What do you go when someone sends a forwarded email to your inbox? If you're like me, you usually put the email (and the person) right into your spam folder. For some reason, a recent forwarded email made it past my defenses, and I'm glad it did.

The forward was a picture, and the subject was a mugshot of a guy with a mustache with a (somewhat) humorous caption. I learned something from that picture: there must be more awesome mustache mugshots out there. So I went on a search, and these are the top five mustached mugshots I could find. Oh, and I added (somewhat) humorous captions to all of them. Consider yourself spammed!

Oh, and happy Movember.

1. Part Harvey Dent/Part Awesome


2. Kidnap? He prefers the term "surprise adoption."


3. The spawn of Pee Wee Herman...and Hitler.


4. I want to be friends with this guy. And cut my hair like that.


5. Viva la Raza! (If you get that joke, you're obviously a WWE fan)


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