Static Shock Drive-Thru Prank

Static Shock Drive-Thru Prank

In an apparently continuing series here on Bro Council, today we take a look at two videos that could either be classified as funny or mean. MagicofRahat is a YouTube user who posts prank videos on his channel, and we're not quite sure if they're mean and potentially dangerous or just hilarious.

Since we can't decide, we're going to present them here for you to make your own decision.

For our first video, here is a guide on how to scare a drive through worker/possibly get arrested by pretending to pass out after getting shocked.

Funny or mean?

We now present you Exhibit B:

Step 1. Find foam and matching material for your car's interior.

Step 2. Mount a small video camera in the passenger seat.

Step 3. Pull into every drive thru in your area with no one in the driver's seat.

Funny....or mean?

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