Michelle Viscusi: A Stray Monkey Interview

Michelle Viscusi: A Bro Council Interview

If you're a guy, there is a good chance you've watched Top Shot on the History Channel. What The Bachelor is to women, Top Shot is to men. A bunch of people get together to shoot things, and the best shooter wins $100,000. Alright, so it's not much like The Bachelor, but they probably have about the same rate of successful marriages (0% is my estimate for both).

Last year we interviewed Jake Zweig from Season 3. He is a pretty controversial guy, and the interview was popular with our readers. This year we took a different approach...we decided to interview a beautiful woman who shoots guns on Season 4. Meet Michelle Viscusi. Oh yeah, she is also in the Army and is a fun interview too. Bonus.

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Thanks again Michelle. Next time we're in Arizona you'll have to teach us a few things.

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