One Woman + A Bunch Of Cardboard = A Perfect Robocop Costume

One Girl + A Bunch Of Cardboard = A Perfect Robocop Costume

There's a new Robocop movie coming out next year, and we're pretty excited about it. Despite the fact that we're worried that no one can live up to Peter Wellers original masterpiece, we are cautiously optimistic.

What we're sure of is that this cardboard Robocop costume, complete with "firing gun", is awesome. A YouTuber names Comic Book Girl 19 decided to put the costume together for this year's Comic Con, and she posted a behind the scenes video of the suit coming together.

All told, the suit took a month to design, and the $117 budget was mostly for Epson ink cartridges.

Impressive work, Comic Girl. Check out her video below.

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