A College Kicker Is Destroyed


Kickers haven't been kind to my favorite teams early on in this college football season, and to be honest I never liked kickers. Maybe it's because they probably played soccer, and that just bothers me for some reason. It appears Utah State Aggies linebacker Jake Doughty Feels the same way, or maybe it is just the feeling you get when you wipe out an opposing player who's not looking. Either way, this is a brutal destruction of Colorado State kicker Jared Roberts.

Every football player learns at one time or another to always keep your head up. Roberts learned that the hard way last weekend when he attempted an onside kick that went right to the Utah State hands team. The only issue is that Doughty hit the kicker, and then stood over top of him instead of trying to get the ball. Stop showboating and play football! You just knocked out a 140 lb. kicker that was looking at his feet - you're not winning a Heisman for that.

Despite that temporary lapse of judgment, it's still our hit of the week. You know it's bad when the announcers actually say that the "dude got rocked" and had to peel himself off the Field Turf. Check out the video below:

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