Magic Beer - This Is Pretty Amazing


I got an email from Pat this week, and he wanted me to buy something for the Bro Council headquarters. You can see the email above, and if you know anything about Pat's articles here on the site you can probably understand why I was a little nervous to watch the video (just like I am with all of his videos actually). But after checking it out, it's actually really cool. Get this: it's called Bottom's Up Beer, and it's a cup that fills up from the bottom. Amazing.

Now if they could do this for Mt. Dew I would add it to the Bro Council HQ immediately, since that seems like a better option for Pat. He is hard enough to handle as it is, and the thought of him with 7 or 8 "magic" beers in him both scares me and makes this purchase out of the question.

Check out a video of the magic as it happens below:

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