Snake Set On Fire, Burns House Down In Revenge

Snake Set On Fire - Snake Burns House Down

So you don't like snakes, huh? Fair enough, since we don't know many people who do. The typical reaction to seeing a snake is either to run, or dispatch it with a shovel or a gun depending on how you're feeling in the moment. This next option is a lot worse than those ones.

We have documented a certain type of person before, you know the kind: the one who doesn't think things through very well. Now, you can add this person from Texas to the list. When this homeowner saw a snake, they decided to get close enough to it to douse it with gasoline and then close enough to light it on fire.

First, let me say that if you feel that you must dispatch a creature do it humanely and quickly. Fire is not that.

Second, if you decide to go against rule #1 you may find your home in jeopardy. Because this snake decided to seek revenge on the homeowner in a final act of defiance. The snake slithered off into a brush pile while ignited and the ensuing fire eventually spread to the entire house. The "Einstein" residence was a total loss, and it also caused damage to a neighbors house as well.

Two extra notes from the story:

  • The house was on Will Smith Road
  • The Liberty Eylau Fire Chief who took care of the blaze is named David Wesslehoft, which sounds a lot like David Hasselhoff

It sounds like a fun town, other than the flaming snakes.

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