The FBI's New Public Facial Recognition

The FBI's New Public Facial Recognition

Be careful, the FBI is watching you - or at least they will be soon. The FBI is getting ready to unleash a $1 billion project to identify "persons of interest" by using facial recognition by public video cameras and more.

The system is called the Next Generation Identification program, or NGI for short. Although the goal is to track down people with a criminal background, I don't know how comfortable I am with a system that is able to track our every move watching what we do.

The FBI says that it is completely legal within the U.S. Privacy Act, but there is sure to be a privacy war that will happen before the war on criminals is allowed to takes place.

This is what the FBI had to say about privacy issues:

Privacy considerations have been built into NGI. NGI developed a privacy threshold analysis in June 2006. A Privacy Impact Assessment for the Interstate Photo System has been completed to assess NGI compliance with the Privacy Act. The System of Records Notice is being updated to reflect NGI capabilities. NGI also has continued involvement with the CJIS Advisory Policy Board and the Compact Council.

I'm just glad the system wasn't created with the help of Cyberdyne. If you're really worried about privacy, you should start stocking up on Beard Warmers now.

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