Life Hack: Ultimate Lawn Mowing (Do Not Try This At Home)

Life Hack: Ultimate Lawn Mowing Hack (Do Not Try)

Are you tired of cutting the grass for hours on end? Do you want a simple way to seem productive when in actuality you're being as lazy as you can possibly be? Do you not care if your small pets, your foot, or your neighbor get run over by a run-away lawnmower? Well then we have the best lifehack ever for you.

This is an "experiment" that an adventurous YouTuber decided to do in his backyard. he concept is simple: cutting most of his backyard in a large circle by tying a rope to his self-propelled lawnmower and having it automatically wrap itself around a couple of stakes in the ground.

Sounds great right? Well, it does until the lawnmower gets loose and you have to chase it down before it attacks your poor mailman. Or wife.

Remember, this is extremely dangerous so don't try this at home. But do check out the video below. Maybe some ingenious person will invent an automatic lawnmower that's affordable and safer than this. We can only hope, right?

Check out the video below.

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