The Nastiest Hockey Hit You'll See All Day


That's Jeremy Roenick's jaw. It's in pieces...four pieces to be exact. It usually takes around 6 weeks to heal a broken jaw, and Roenick played 17 days after that injury happened. That recovery time is definitely Bro Council, Approved.

So how did the jaw turn into mush? In April 1999, fellow hard-hitter Derian Hatcher hit Roenick in retaliation for a hit that Roenick gave to Mike Modano several weeks earlier. This monster from Hatcher left Roenick with dislocated jaw and it was broken in four places. Oh, and he also broke eight teeth. That's hockey right there!

So take a look at the video below and see how the hit happened and the nasty aftermath. And if you're thinking about playing ice hockey, make sure you can play with the big boys.

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