The Slickest Goal In The KHL

A Slick KHL Goal

If you're like most of our viewers, you probably don't watch professional Russian sports too often. Well, unless you're one of our Russian readers, and to you we say: cпасибо.

For the rest of us, the KHL is Russia's version of the NHL except they started their season on time and Ilya Kovalchuk actually wants to play for them. But luckily for us, all of the other NHL players are coming back to the US after the lockout. But while we are excited that the NHL is getting underway this weekend, I doubt that we will see a goal better than this one.

Over the weekend, when most players were flying back from spots all over over Europe to report to training camps, the KHL held their all star game. The score ended up at 18-11 which was very similar to our defenseless all star games. The highlight of the game was this goal by St. Louis Blues draft pick Jori Lehtera on a penalty shot.

Check out the video below.

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