What If...RGIII Played For LSU?


For today's video I decided to stay with my recent theme of SEC-Focus, and also one of my favorite video games going all the way back to Sega and Bill Walsh Football. NCAA 13 football dropped in stores this week, and one great new feature is that any Heisman Trophy winner can play for any team...that's right, any team.

Now, true fans hold grudges about players that burnt them for years, so the video of Tim Tebow as a Georgia Bulldog is especially great . The other video shows the difference between Bama and LSU.  While Bama fans make disturbing parody videos or crude, self incriminating ones on Bourbon Street (you can Google it if you want to see that, we won't be posting anything related to that tasteless act here) we have LSU Head Coach Les Miles making a hilarious video of Mike the Tiger playing catch-up with some game time.

Check it out below:

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