PSA: Google Search History

Here's a little PSA for you today: starting March 1, Google is bringing together information from all of it's products like Gmail, YouTube, and searches. It's basically a way to get more info on you for advertisers, but some people are pretty uncomfortable with it. If you don't want that, we're going to give you the steps to remove your info from big brother Google. Although they say not much has changed, it's probably better that they didn't have the entire record of your search history on hand.

Here Are The Steps:

Step 1: Go to Log-in using your Google sign-in.

Step 2: Be surprised about all the information Google has on you if you haven't already turned this off.

Step 3: Click "Remove all Web history." The Big G will ask "Are you sure you want to clear your entire web history?". Say yes, and then click "Pause" on your web history as seen in the image below.


You should probably do the same in YouTube. Click here for instructions on that.

That's it! Now the Big G has less of your information on file. The keyword being "less" as they still know pretty much everything about you.

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