Tech Guru: The Reinventing Of The Beer Can

Coffee. Gold iPhones. Hockey. Chicken Wings. Technology. These are a few of my favorite things. At the top of that list is something a few of you might be familiar with: Beer.

I know that I may have already been stereotyped as an alcoholic by admitting that, but let me explain; I don’t discriminate when it comes to beer with the, obvious, exception of Bud Light. It’s not even the actual beer I dislike, but rather that dude Pit Bull who pretends to be hosting a lavish party in those commercials, and the only beer he has available is Bud Light. I become visibly angry when I see it. Especially when he dances at the end and slightly waves his hand above his head while performing on a stage. Give me a break Mr. Bull aka "Mr. Worldwide." Nobody believes this shtick.

But I digress. Beer, like your extended group of friends, comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Some are expensive while others are cheap. Some are very light in color while others are very dark.  Some are weak and some are strong. Some are sophisticated and make you say “hum…” while others make you want to jump a window.  Some come in bottles while some come in cans. That one only pertains to beer, not your entourage.

But I’m digressing again. Now you think I’m an alcoholic with ADD.

The point I’m trying to get to is that for many years, the beer can was viewed as evil by craft breweries. It was said to tarnish the flavors of their special brews when compared to glass bottles. But as technology has advanced, so has the beer can. The beer can is as sanitary as ever.

Beyond the beer tasting just as good, companies are becoming very creative when it comes to the actual can design. Look at some of these designs by 21st Amendment Brewing:

Fun, and classy. Nice work.

Aside from artwork, some companies are even reinventing the top of the beer can, like Sly Fox Brewing with their 360 lid design:

Yes! It turns the aluminum beer can into an aluminum beer glass. I’m going to make my very first Bro Council Tech Guru prediction and say that within 3 years you will see this 360 lid design everywhere in the beer market.

Three cheers to the innovators, I think we should all raise a glass for a toast. I'm going to use grape juice for that toast so you can stop thinking I'm an alcoholic. Really, I'm not.

Until next time, this is the Tech Guru signing off. I'm going to leave you with a video of Samuel Adams CEO Jim Koch explaining why they moved to cans. Enjoy responsibly.

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Joes Jeff
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