Throwback Friday: The Godzilla Weather Report

Throwback Friday: The Godzilla Weather Report

Ladies and gentlemen, on this Throwback Friday we bring you the best weather report ever. If you haven't seen it, check it out immediately and then read the rest of the article. If you have seen it, then we are here to help you figure out why this report happened.

The Background

The report was created by a guy named Aaron Justus who used to work for a station in Richmond, Virginia with the call sign WTVR-CBS 6. He was getting ready to leave the station and decided to put together the fake forecast as a farewell sendoff. He explained some more about the background story on his blog:

This video was never on air. It was part of an ongoing joke between me and the production crew. During commercial breaks, I would show these graphics (like the volcano and the coyote) to entertain my coworkers. It wasn't until my last day of work (June 26, 2011) that I decided to throw it all together into one ridiculous weathercast. Surprisingly, it only took me three tries to get through the entire weathercast without laughing.

The daily grind of TV finally wore me down, which is why I decided to change careers and enter the brewing industry. I attended the American Brewers Guild and moved to San Diego, CA. I am now a brewer at Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits.

Where Is He Now?

To recap, Justus is now a brewer of beer in San Diego and wins our award for Best Weatherman Ever. Check out the lava, tidal waves, and Godzilla below.

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