Big Change On The Xbox Team


In move that shows that money is the major motivator in video game preference among executives Phil Harrison, the former president of Sony Worldwide Studios is headed to Microsoft to work as the head of their European Game Studio. Harrison is a guy who is well known for his connection to the Playstation program. He resigned from Sony 2008 to become the director at Infogrames Entertainment, and then left to become the non-executive director of Atari.

He is replacing gaming legend Peter Molyneux. Molyneaux is known as a genius in the video game world, but has often been criticized for talking up his games to ridiculous levels while they're under development, and then releasing games that are lacking some of the features he had touted. Despite that, his games have continued to be both financial and commercial successes.

If their business style is as similar as their physical characteristics, it should be a smooth transition.

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