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Essentials - Building The Ultimate Gaming PC with the Nvidia Titan X

We decided to build the ultimate gaming PC, and we want you to win it! We scoured the PC landscape for the products that would come together to give you a powerful machine that will take your gaming and entertainment to the next level.

We didn't pick the most expensive options in every category, but we picked the components that are going to give you the best bang for your buck. This is some of the best technology that's available today and we hope you all get to experience it whether you win the contest or not.

You can simply click here and submit your email to enter the contest: SORRY, THE CONTEST HAS ENDED (Check back soon for more)!

Our Build

Processor Intel i7-4770 HDD Seagate and Western Digital
Graphics Card NVIDIA Titan X Fans Noctua
SSD Kingston HyperX Savage Fan Control 1st PC CW611
RAM 32GB UPS CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD
Case Antec Signature-Series S10 Network Archer T9E
Motherboard Asus HD97 Power Antec High Current Pro 1300W

We picked these parts because as of the writing, we believe they offer the best price and performance ratio to truly take advantage of PC gaming. We'll cover a lot in the video, but we wanted to highlight a few of our choices:

NVIDIA Graphics

Above all else, when you're building a gaming PC you need a great graphics card. The NVIDIA Titan X is an absolute beast. While this graphics card is expensive it’s also the best in the market. If you want to build the best gaming PC, you should spend as much as you can on the graphics card – this one will do 4K gaming with no issues...and any other graphic task you could ever hope for. NVIDIA is the king of the graphics cards right now and this card will make your system rock.

Intel CPU

We went with an Intel i7 – AMD and Intel both make great processors, but right now the i7 architecture is the best for gaming. That may change soon though with AMD’s new Ryzen chips...we’ll know soon! We've always been AMD fans so we have high hopes.

Kingston SSD

For the SSD we went with a Kingston HyperX – get yourself an SSD! You want to load your games from here so you can get the best speeds. The HyperX line from Kingston is great – and reasonably priced.

Western Digital HD

We went with both Seagate and Western Digital drives for storage. You want to load your games from an SSD, and you can use traditional drives like the ones from Seagate and WD as less expensive options for the data you don’t need as quickly (documents, music, etc.) Both companies are great, but give the nod to Western Digital for their price and performance ratio - and reliability is key.

Gaming PC Case Antec

One thing many people forget about (but you shouldn't overlook) is the case. We went with an Antec Signature-Series S10 for this build – it has the ports we need, a ton of room for fans, and plenty of room for us to build. Make sure you match the ports on your motherboard to the headers on the case...and if you don't know what that means, we'll talk about it in the video.

We'll cover a lot of things in this video, but we tried to make it fun and accessible. Many people get nervous about the idea of building a PC – but it’s extremely simple if you follow the correct steps.

Want to know how to build it? Check it out below.



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