Man Who Created Doritos Dies; World Is Less Crunchy

arch-west-doritosThis is Arch West. He invented Doritos. We as men all owe him a lot.

Doritos were launched in 1964 and became the ultimate man snack shortly after. Why are they the ultimate man snack? Because they taste great and even 47 years later they haven't gotten any healthier.

If you read the article about his death and life at the source below, you'll see that "renowned nutritionist" Marion Nestle found the ingredients list for Doritos and her quote was “Let’s see. For 12 chips there’s 140 calories. There’s 170 milligrams of sodium. No fiber, a little protein...buttermilk solids, monosodium glutamate, onion powder, partially hydrogenated — WHAT? Are they kidding me?” She explained that some of the ingredients “are ingredients you hardly ever see anymore. Cottonseed oil? Everyone has gotten rid of that.”

Nestle's conclusion: “I would call the Dorito the classic, prototypical junk food.”

My conclusion: nutritionist's are dumb. Doritos rule.

Another interesting note in the story is that Arch's family is going to throw Doritos into his urn before they bury it. Awesome!

Arch West - Bro Council, Approved!

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Source: Munch Ado About Doritos

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