Newest Baseball Mascot Race: Ole Miss' Solo Cups

Newest Baseball Mascot Race: Ole Miss' Solo Cups

So the Pittsburgh Pirates have the Pierogies, the Nationals have the Presidents , and the Brewers have the Sausages (just ask Randall Simon). Now, the Ole Miss Rebels baseball team has the Solo Cups, and they either have their own promo video or Mississippi is about to have one heckuva kegger this weekend. Check out the video below, after a quick lesson in the Solo cup measurement rings:

Bro Council Fun Fact:

Did you know that the rings on the Solo cup are actually useful? You can use them to measure the drinks that are poured into them:

  • The top ring is the 12 oz. mark and you can use that to pour beer, soda, Mt. Dew, and more.
  • The middle ring is the 5 oz. mark and should be the limit for wine, champagne, and the like.
  • The ring on the bottom is the 1 oz. mark and is the limit for shots.

The left over rings at the top are there to fill with ice to keep your drink cold.

Solo Cup Rings Drink Sizes

Now for the video:

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