Hines Ward: An Angry Email


We received an angry email last night about our Hines Ward article, so I wanted to clarify our position for the people who still don't realize that the "Hines Ward Signs With The Baltimore Ravens" article was a spoof. So here is our clarified position: "Our Hines Ward article was a spoof."

I hope that's clear enough! Bro Council is a site for men that brings you the best news, sports, humor, original videos, interviews, and more. The difference with our site is that your girlfriends and wives won't mind you spending time on it since there's no porn and trash. Bro Council is a website for respectable men.

And we also occasionally do some spoof articles. You can tell that they're spoofs because we put the word "Spoofs" in the link, we add a picture that shows that the article is a spoof (like we did on the Hines Ward article), and they're clearly written as spoofs. The stadium being named after Hines Ward? That's clearly ridiculous as the reader above pointed out. So here is what I sent back to clarify things for him:


I hope he understands sarcasm or I'll probably get another angry email.

Thanks to Deadspin, ProFootballTalk.comNFL.com, and more for understanding that it was a spoof. And a special thanks to WPXI in Pittsburgh for not understanding that it was!

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