eBay Find: iPhone "Deathstar" Prototype


Everyone may be pretty excited for the iPhone 5 that's coming out in September, but what about the good old iPhone 4?

There are always some pretty crazy things you can find on eBay, and today's find is a rare "Deathstar" prototype of the iPhone 4. It can be yours for the low, low price of only $4,500! That's, of course, as long as no one else bids on the auction.

What do you get if you combine George Lucas and Steve Jobs? Ok...aside from Pixar. The answer: the Deathstar prototype iPhone 4. It's called that because Apple used a design that looks very similar to the Death Star from Star Wars. Apple fans call this the "protologo."


The only big change between this hardware and the final hardware, at least externally, is that there are no screws at the bottom of the phone.


So, the question is - are you a crazy devoted enough Apple fan to place your bid? Don't worry about competition from us, we're happy to be using our Motorola Razr's and bag phones here at Bro Council headquarters. Let's hear it for the 1990's!

Check out the eBay link below, and a video of the phone in action.

[eBay Link - iPhone Prototype] [Source - 9to5mac]

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