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Rejoice Walking Dead fans! The new season is finally upon us, unless you have Dish Network of course (see above image). This past Saturday was national Zombie Day, and what better way to celebrate than an all-weekend marathon of one of the best shows on television?

If last night's Season 3 Premiere is any indication, we are in for one the best seasons yet. Remember when we introduced you to Michonne? The samurai sword swinging loner played by Danai Gurira rescues Andrea and should play a very pivotal role this season, and she is a hardcore zombie killer.

*Slight Spoiler Alert In The Next Paragraph*

Michonne should play a pivotal role based on the graphic novel series. If you haven't read the books you should give them a go. The Walking Dead: Compendium One takes you from issue 1 to 48 of the graphic novel series where this all began. While it is different in some ways such as Shane dying ealrier in the books, it is very brutal at times and introduces us to a character making his debut this season; "The Governor " played by David Morrissey. If David's acting, and the television writers portrayal of him is half as twisted as the original, you won't want to miss a beat. This guy makes Shane look like a saint and is going to bring complete chaos onto Rick and his group. Let's just say that this is about to get a little crazy.

*Spoiler Alert Over*

If you really want to get ahead of the game, you can now pick up The Walking Dead: Compendium Two as well. Both this book and Volume One retail for about $59.99 at book stores like Barnes and Noble, or around $35 at Amazon. And if you're looking for even more reading material, check out two novels by Robert Kirkman (the guy behind the original Walking Dead comic) and Jay Bonansinga. "The Rise of the Governor" and "The Road to Woodbury" are on my reading list, but if you've already read them, let us know what you think.

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