Bo Jackson In Mario Brothers Is Amazing

Bo Jackson In Mario Brothers Is Amazing

Remember how awesome Bo Jackson was in Tecmo Bowl on the original NES? When Jackson, the king of 8 bit sports, ran off the field after a touchdown, he would head straight down a tunnel. Well, now we know that the tunnel led to Super Mario World and 8 bits of video game greatness!

It's a perfect match, as Mario is the video game version of Bo Jackson. The jumping plumber is the best of the best, and here are 5 fun facts about the little guy:

  1. Mario was originally known as Jumpman, but they wanted a better name for the US release of the game. They were interrupted by their landlord, Mario Segale, who really wanted the rent paid and they named the character after him.
  2. He wasn't originally a plumber, he was a carpenter.
  3. Mario's look was based on the graphical limitationsof video game hardware when he was created. The hat is because hair was difficult to create, the moustache made his nose stand out, and the overalls were there so his arm movements were more noticeable.
  4. In Donkey Kong Jr, the sequel to Donkey Kong, Mario plays the bad guy. It's the only game in which Mario is the antagonist. In the game, he trapped Donkey Kong in a cage and his son has to rescue him.
  5. The original Super Mario Brothers game has sold almost 41 million copies. Wow.

Now onto the mashup. It always amazes me what people will take the time to do if it involves things from their childhood. Thank you, fan of nostalgia, for this awesome piece of work.

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