Man Points: The Bachelor Week Four

Man Points: The Bachelor Week Four

The continuing series commenting on ABC's The Bachelor from a man's point of view. Points are awarded based on many factors, all of which test whether or not the act on the show is "Bro Council, Approved."

In the first one-on-one date, Sean takes Selma in a limo to a chartered plane. They land in the desert, driving an open-air Jeep (+1). Sean takes Selma rock climbing, which is good because the audience hadn't seen a panoramic camera shot in a few episodes.

In the process, we learn Selma is scared to death of heights and isn't an outdoors type. When Sean sees her struggling, in his interview he says that if need be he'll strap her on his back and carry them both up. The funny thing is, I believe him. I guess the joke is on me (+1). While climbing, Sean takes the time to hit on Selma (+2 #multitasking). Selma beats Sean up to the top. Maybe he would have taken the "W" if he hadn't been wearing cargos. (-1).

For the group date, Sean invites the girls to watch, practice, and participate in a Roller Derby (+1). As a side note, this brings back fond memories of RollerJam, a late 1990s TV show. Nothing says city pride quite like men and women on four wheels knocking each other off of a track.

In the midst of the date, Sean comforts Sarah, whose disability makes it really hard for her to do the activity. (+1) for sensitivity. The date turns south when Amanda slips off camera and nearly breaks her jaw. Sean uses the opportunity to call off the derby portion, and turns it into a free skate. An audible at the line of scrimmage gives us a window into the football brains Sean has. (+2). Unfortunately, as the camera pans back Sean is wearing elbow pads bigger than shin guards. (-2).

In the evening portion of the date, Sean dawns a pair of swim trunks from middle school days apparently (-1), then at least has the presence of mind to mock himself openly in a group full of women. Well done, bro. (+1).

The second one on one date is with Leslie H., and Sean takes her shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to buy whatever she wants. This is a similar date to one in Brad's season, so the writing staff must have been asleep at the wheel, or simply not reading my column and knowing I would catch such parallels.

Sean picks her up in an Aston Martin (+2), and later dons a tux with a boss bow tie, but forgets the suspenders (-1). If a man's got to shop, at least he's doing it in style. Sean waits patiently while she shops and tries on various outfits, keeping a smile the whole time. As a man who personally has a 60 minute limit at the mall, (+2) for grinning and bearing it.

In the dinner portion of the date, Sean fails to finish his plate. Man code in my book states that a doggy bag or unfinished plate business is a huge faux pas (-1). Leslie gets sent home on the date, as Sean doesn't feel a romantic connection.

The cocktail party was a pretty poor showing for Sean, and I was getting ready to write off this week as a lackluster performance...but then the credits came.

We see a deleted scene of Sean trying to drive the open air Jeep with Selma. He keeps stalling the vehicle, failing to drive stick and yells out of the window that he has to "turn in his man card" as a result. (+3) for the admission (but hey, I can't drive stick either). Unfortunately, though, it's Selma who has to tell him that his emergency brake is on before they can get going. Ouch (-1).

Next week should be a doozie – back-to-back episodes on Monday and Tuesday nights. Fortunately it looks like we're getting some time in the mountains and flannel.

Episode Total: +9. Season Total: +38.

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